Particulates is an adventurous, often whimsical story. I write the comic, make the art, and hack together the code. Particulates hasn't been updated in quite some time because I'm currently doing a bit of Real-Life Leveling Up. I plan to get back to it someday and have a notebook filled to the brim with humour-infused tales of daring-do just begging to be turned into something more corporeal. Just be patient. Very patient.

-Why hasnít there been an update recently?-The above message pretty much covers everything. Sometimes life just elbows its way in and punches you in the back of the neck when you least expect it. Particulates is very important to me. Trust me.

-Why canít I buy anything Particulates-themed?- Iím WORKING on it. If youíre interested in this, send me an email and let me know. It may help to speed things along.

Feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions, praise, criticism, hate mail, or just general humorous electronic communication. I like social interaction of almost any sort. You can email me at